Screen Acting Secrets: Top-Rated Acting courses

  • Introduction of movement/yoga to tone the body

  • Voice exercises, breathing exercises for awareness

  • Working on self awakening,

  • Reading & interpreting fiction to develop understanding

  • Understanding the body's reaction & responses through body language

  • Realizing the natural voice and its modulation

  • Working on observation, imitation, imagination

  • Introducing mime, use of object and surroundings

  • Introduction of text and speech

  • Improvisations

  • Introducing different approaches to acting

  • Complex improvisations

  • Understanding characters

  • Building a character

  • Understanding method and micro acting

  • Understanding Rasa, emotions, expressions

  • Feedbacks & Learning as an actor of space, co-actor, camera, looks etc

  • Preparing for the performance

  • Working towards a personal methodology

  • Grooming and developing soft skills

Our training programs are comprehensive, covering all the aspects of actor such as Body, Mind & Voice and comprises of the following topics:

6 months Diploma in Acting

3 months certificate in Acting

Personal coaching in Screen Acting